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RockymtnexoticsKingRamsey of Akila Savannah

akila savannah F7 savannah stud

Our stud here at Akila Savannah. He is an F7. All of the pictures of kitten on this page are his. We have been so blessed with the quality and temperament that Ramsey sires. He is dirty in these photos because he LOVES to play in the dirt !!

Akila Savannah F7 savannah

Ramsey is such a sweet and affectionate boy. He loves his humans! A joy to have around. Ramsey loves to cuddle and be close to his people but is also a friend to everyone. We love his beautiful exotic look but he stays very sociable as many lower generations savannahs do. He is very consistent in the quality of kittens that he produces. All have his beauty and his temperament.       (photos taken 2-3-18)

Akila Savannah F7 Ramsey of Akila Savannah
F7 Ramsey of Akila Savannah
Akila Savannah f3 kittens

Ramsey is much cleaner in these photos! HA HA! Although he LOVES to play in the dirt, he does clean up nice. He loves his time out in the enclosure, soaking up that sunshine and breathing in the mountain air. 

(Photos taken 3-23-18)

Akila Savannah F3 kittens for sale
Akila Savannah F3 kittens available

IwannaSavannah QueenDahlia of Akila Savannah

Akila Savannahs-f3 savannah cats -exotic cats

Queen Dahlia is such a fun and entertaining F2 !  We love her! She is very active and loves to play. As many f2s, she can jump very high and she can get into anything!! Dahlia and Ramsey have had some amazing kittens together!

                         (pictured below are a few of her babies)

Akila Savannah F2 Female
akila savnnah F2 female

OzarksavannahThelmaRose of Akila Savannah

akila savannah F2 female

Queen Thelma is so beautiful. She has the prettiest little spots all over her! Thelma loves to play fetch and get into water! Her and Ramsey have beautiful babies together! All have her beautiful Serval-type and his outstanding temperament.  Her babies are always so playful and a joy to have around!

          (Some of Thelma's kittens pictured below)

akila savannah f2 female
akila savanah f2 female
akila savannah f3 kitten
akila savannah f3 kitten
akila savannah f3 kitten
akila savannah f3 kitten

--ENJOY these pictures of past a present AKILA fur-babies--

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